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Celebrating 57 (1957 was a good year)

1957 was a good year


Cost of Living 1957 (SOURCE:

How Much things cost in 1957
Yearly Inflation Rate USA 3.34% Yearly Inflation Rate UK 3.3% Average Cost of new house $12,220.00 Average Monthly Rent $90.00 Average Yearly Wages $4.550.00 Cost of a gallon of Gas 24 cents Bacon per pound 60 cents Eggs per dozen28 cents HI FI Portable Record Player $79.95 Children's Shoes $5.95
Below are some Prices for UK guides in Pounds Sterling
Average House Price 2,330 Average Wages 600

1957 saw the continued growth of bigger taller tail fins on new cars and more lights, bigger with more powerful engines and an average car sold for $2,749. The Soviet Union launched the first space satellite Sputnik 1. Movies included "Twelve Angry Men" and "The Bridge Over the River Kwai", and TV showed "Perry Mason" and "Maverick" for the first time. The music continued to be Rock and Roll with artists like "Little Richard". The popular toys were Slinkys and Hula Hoops. The continued growth of the use of credit was shown by the fact that 2/3 of all new cars were bought on credit. Some of the areas that would cause problems later were starting to show South Vietnam is attacked by Viet Cong Guerrillas and Troops are sent to Arkansas to enforce anti segregation laws  
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 Life is too short to be anything but happy! Come dance with me celebrating 57 years of life Sunday, April 20th (Yes, it's Easter Sunday). Firewater Bar & Grill - 6521 John R Street (at Milwaukee) 7pm - 11pm Champagne & Dessert 313-872-0812

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21 Day Juice Fast Journey - Day 19

Day 19
Fasting is primarily an act of willing abstinence or reduction from certain or all food, drink or both, for a period of time. An absolute fast is normally defined as abstinence from all food and liquid for a defined period, usually a single day (24 hours), or several days. Other fasts may be only partially restrictive, limiting particular foods or substances. In spite of the busy lives that we live, I think we can all benefit from a weekend fast at least once a month. Always remember to consult your physician when considering extended fasting.

My refrigerator always has an assortment of greens (Kale, Spinach and Swiss Chard). Almost always my freezer is stocked with bananas and and assortment of berries (Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries).
Armed with my Magic bullet, today's smoothie is a combination of Kale-Banana-Pineapple-Strawberries

 Bananas are a caloric dense fruit, translating into lots of energy without weight gain worries. Bananas are a good source of potassium and magnesium which aid in maintaining normal blood pressure and are heart protective.     Read more: Health Benefits of Bananas / Nutritional Facts of Banana | Medindia

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21 Day Juice Fast Journey - Day 18

Day 18 is a day of ginger

GINGER POWER (Blueberries, ginger, banana, applejuice)

In India this wonder spice has the status of a virtual medicine chest. with it's time-tested, digestion-friendly properties and a host of other health benefits. 

 Benefits of Ginger

* Hungry? Eat fresh ginger just before lunch to stoke a dull appetite and fire up the digestive juices.

*Ginger improves the absorption and assimilation of essential nutrients in the body.

* Ginger clears the ‘microcirculatory channels’ of the body, including the pesky sinuses that tend to flare up from time to time.

For more benefits visit

Whole Foods Market (Mack & John R - Detroit, MI) Smoothie Menu includes a great array of "Motown Blends", "Custom Blends" along with flax seed and chia seed add-ons!

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21 Day Juice Fast Journey - Day 17

Day 17 took me back to Whole Foods Market smoothie bar

KALE KICK START  is a great way to start the day (kale, blueberries, grapes, banana, pineapple juice). Kale has been dubbed "the queen of greens", it is among the most highly nutritious vegetables. It is an excellent source of carotenes, vitamins C, vitamin B6, and manganese; with only 20 calories. A top choice for fasting, kale is a great detox food. Kale is filled with fiber and sulfur, both great for detoxifying your body and keeping your liver healthy.

READY SET REVIVE   is great for the afternoon pick-up (strawberry, mango, banana, apple, carrot juice)

In addition to vitamin C, strawberries are an excellent source of the trace mineral manganese, which is essential for maintaining healthy bone structure, absorbing calcium, creating enzymes that build bone and a host of other benefits, including proper functioning of your sex hormones.
Considering the growth in the 65+ population, aging issues come to mind, particularly neurological concerns. According to researchers at Harvard’s Brigham and Woman’s Hospital, in a study published in the Annals of Neurology, strawberries (and other berries) can delay cognitive impairments by up to 2.5 years. [SOURCE:]

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21 Day Juice Fast Journey - Day 16

Day 16
VegMichigan presented thier annual VegFest vegan Tastefest at the Suburban Collection showplace in Novi, Michigan; which made it very easy to fill-up on liquid goodness.

My favorite vendor booth was  Hut-k Nutrilicious 734-786-8312 from Ann Arbor, MI with their great array of delicious juices:

 BEETs-ME-Gin (Beets, ginger, lime & dates), great for lowering blood pressure.

THE POWER OF 7 (Spinach, kale,swiss chard, dates, limes, pineapple and coconut milk); great source for  antioxidant, vitamins, minerals, amino acids,phytonutrients and anti-inflammatory nutrients. You have heard me say it before - green inside is clean inside! This smoothie has all my favorite greens in one drink.

If you're looking for fiber, potassium, or copper, look no further than dates. The nutritional value of dates would come from their high content of carbohydrate and dietary fiber; which most Americans do not get enough in their diets. A 1/4 cup of dates, which is considered 1 serving of fruit, has approximately 4 grams of fiber.

Visit  for more ideas

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21 Day Juice Fast Journey - Day 15

Day 15 is totally dedicated to fruit smoothies made from:

 Bananas                    Mangos



You may have heard that juicing is better for you than is eating whole fruits and vegetables because your body can absorb the nutrients better and it gives your digestive system a rest from working on fiber. Make no mistake, your body needs the fiber, but if you have been challenged to eat recommended levels of fruit (and vegetables), juicing will help you reach the minimum daily recommendations easily Research has shown that juicing can reduce your risk of cancer, boost your immune system, help you remove toxins from your body, aid digestion and help you lose weight.

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21 Day Juice Fast Journey - Day 14

I have found that I am most successful fasting when I plan ahead.  However, the list of restaurants and and cozy spots catering to plant based eaters continues to grow in the Detroit area.

The Golden Gate Cafe has a great menu of beverages including the RED DRAGON smoothie I had for breakfast (strawberries, cranberry, cherry, hibiscus, lemon, banana, red apples, apple cider) and a TROPICAL smoothie for lunch (banana, mango, pineapple, apple cider).

Apples are a good source of vitamin C and fiber. In one large study, post-menopausal women who had the highest levels of flavonoids in their blood were least likely to die from cardiovascular disease. (SOURCE: )

 When it comes to antioxidant content, hibiscus beats out green tea; loaded with iron, beta carotene, potassium and vitamin C. "The fruit acids in hibiscus may work like a laxative. Some researchers think that other chemicals in hibiscus might be able to lower blood pressure; decrease spasms in the stomach, intestines and uterus; and work like antibiotics to kill bacteria and worms." (SOURCE:

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