Monday, September 13, 2010

Protein Please!

Contrary to popular belief, high protein vegetables or high protein diets are not as beneficial for humans (athletes included) as believed to be. While it is true that protein is an essential nutrient and it plays a major role in making our body function properly; this does not mean that we require large amounts of protein.  High protein diets may give way to osteoporosis and kidney disease. The reality is that protein supplements are in most cases costly, needless and even injurious for some.

Non-meat high protein sources include a varied quantity of beans, grains, nuts and seeds. Remember, protein contains essential amino acids, often referred to as building blocks of the body. In reality, our body is in need of amino acid and not protein. We need twenty different varieties of amino acids of which our body cannot produce nine out of the entire variety.


Yours in health,
Dr. Velonda

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