Sunday, October 10, 2010

Plagued with Water Retention?

Water retention generally occurs on account of flaws in the dietary regimen. Water retention foods that must be avoided so as to relieve the symptoms of water retention include excessive salt or sodium. Restrict foods with a higher content of sodium like legumes, meat, cheese, olives, spinach, oysters, buttermilk, Swiss chard, and chick peas. Also avoid processed or canned foods

Natural Remedies/Treatment for Water Retention

You may consume at least two bananas a day to avert water retention in your body. Bananas contain potassium which helps eliminate fluid retention.

Cabbage is a diuretic that helps you excrete the extra water and fluids, thereby protecting you from water retention.

Consuming cranberry juice can combat water retention on account of its diuretic property.

Consume yogurt to flush out excessive fluid content and prevent water retention in the body.

Parsley consumption may avert water retention. You must add two teaspoons of parsley leaves in boiling water, steep it for ten minutes, and then consume three cups of it in a day.

You may also consume tea containing alfalfa leaves as they are potent diuretics.

Eating a fiber rich diet helps draw toxins and moisture out of the tissues for excretion.

Onion juice may prevent water retention as well.

Eating 2 – 3 slices of garlic daily to prevent water retention

High caffeine consumption may cause dehydration which in turn leads to edema or water retention in the body.

Regular exercise helps flush out the toxins and extra water from the body


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