Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sugar vs Sweetner - How Sweet is it?

Nature provides us with many opportunities to satisfy our sweet tooth. However, research ha shown the increased daily U.S.  sugar consumption contributed to sweeteners, those added sugars found in many processed foods and prepared meals. Studies reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association are examining the link between sugar consumption, cholesterol and heart disease.

The recommended daily limit for refined/processed sugars is 40 grams per day. Since 1 teaspoon = 4.2 gram, that's less than 10 teaspoons a day (no limit on natural sugars, except where directed by your physician).
I recently received some great visuals to consider when asking "How Sweet Is It?"

A recent article in Natural Awakening magazine highlighted maple syrup research by University of Rhode Island scientist showing that you can get you sweet on along with powerful mineral (zinc, thiamine and calcium) and vitamins. Sweet Deal!!

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