Thursday, March 3, 2011

Vitamin D and your thyroid

Most of us know the importance of vitamin D in helping form strong bones as well as keeping bones strong. Without vitamin D calcium absorption is negatively impacted and you are at risk of your bones becoming thin and brittle. Biologically speaking, vitamin D's number one job is to maintain normal levels of calcium and phosphorus in the blood.You may have even heard that vitamin D may protect you against heart disease.

We all have been told that exposure to sunlight and dietary intake are the primary sources for vitamin D, so it stands to reason that individuals can experience a deficiency in vitamin D due to inadequate dietary intake of vitamin D  and limited exposure to sunlight. Two additional reasons a person may experience vitamin D deficiency include the inability of the kidney to convert vitamin D to its active form and problems with adequately absorbing vitamin D from the gastrointestinal track.

What I found interesting recently from an article by Dr. Theodore Friedman is that other articles have been published revealing that patients with hypothyroidism have low levels of vitamin D, which may be a result of poor absorption of vitamin D from the intestine. When considering how vitamin D and hormones created by the thyroid gland are processed in our body, it is important to note that both vitamin D and thyroid hormone bind to similar receptors called steroid hormone receptors. There definitely a need for more research in this area. In the meantime, eat well, get outside (spring is in the air) and take a good multi-vitamin. Most importantly, see you physician ;~)

Although many individuals obtain most of their vitamin D from vitamin D fortified food; vitamin D is found naturally in salmon, sardines, fish oils, eggs and cod liver oil.


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