Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Greener Grillin'

Every summer we hear that grilling is the healthiest way to cook meat and vegetables.

Hormone-free and antibiotic-free meat is easier to find these days with more media promotion of healthy living. It is true, bar-b-que meat can yield high levels of carcinogens that we want to avoid. THERE’S a BUT! Don’t throw the grill out just yet. It seems this level of carcinogens is most likely when you refuse to grill meats at the recommended medium-high and instead opt for super-high flame grilling. Time magazine’s recent “Taste of America” article (July 5, 2010) shared some research backed tips for getting your grill on:

>Cook all your meat at medium-high heat.

>Marinating meats with rosemary (combined with a little lemon and garlic), which can add flavor and hinders the formation of carcinogenic toxins that are common with charred meats.

>Avoid charcoal briquettes and lighter fluid which produces lots of  carbon monoxide.

>Use natural lump chacoal


Make your grillin’ thrilling with ideas from grilling  gurus  at,28804,1999723_1999721,00.html?iid=redirect-grill


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